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Throwback Part 1: School Days

Throwback Part 1: School Days

The Mental State

I'm going to do a series of posts in regards to my drawing styles and learnings over the years up until now. I have always had an interest in art and design and I think I've been doing 'lettering' since an early age, certainly long before I realised it was a sustainable career. I don't have any examples now but I remember my school books being absolutely plastered in words (usually my name and my friends names) in different styles with little illustrations around them. It was just something that came natural to me and I always enjoyed drawing words and phrases.

I did Graphic Design in GCSE, as we were allowed to choose the specific area we wanted to study. As I said, I've always been artistically inclined so Graphic Design seemed like a very sure and positive step in the direction I wanted to go in. It was awesome, I loved that class and would go above and beyond the work load. I didn't quite get the A* but who's keeping track really... but it definitely gave me a taste of what I was beginning to realise was my dream career path. 

Chris Van Es Illustration

I'd not drawn figures or objects in detail for some time so patience was on the learning curve..

Fast forward to A-Levels where I studied Art as well as Product Design. This was a lot to take on at the time and it highlighted to me that whilst I adored designing for different briefs, I definitely had a passion for drawing and answering briefs in a free manner at that time. I'd not drawn figures or objects in detail for some time so patience was on the learning curve along with getting the marks for the grades. My favourite brief from studying Art was in regards to The Human Condition. If memory serves me right, it was about the physical human condition, but I was not a fan of Goya's work at all so I looked into the mental condition. It resulted in a triptych piece of myself. 

It must have been in school that I started feeling a need to make a difference. My Product Design projects were largely in regards to recycling or reusing items and material and as you can see above I was addressing mental health through my art. I believe the visual realm has a lot of impact and power, so the more we as creators can illustrate the issues around the globe the better we can make our world. 

Thank you for reading part one of my creative journey, it's a bit short but hopefully sweet insight to my first steps in the creative sphere.

Triptych CK
Charlotte Kathleen - A Re-introduction

Charlotte Kathleen - A Re-introduction