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Charlotte Kathleen - A Re-introduction

Charlotte Kathleen - A Re-introduction

I'm Charlotte; author and creator of the
content of this site.

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To start off, I am a Creative Artworker in Manchester. I hope to soon be a graphic designer in one of the amazing studios dotted around Northern Quarter, though I do enjoy some of the more technical aspects of the printing industry. 

I love to dabble in hand lettering, you can check out my Instagram here. But I don't want to only do that. So I'm learning more illustration techniques and pushing my creative muscles in hope of finding my niche and style.

I have so many interests in the creative realm that it's very hard and very overwhelming to know where to start and how long to spend on each one.

I want to dabble more in Photoshop as it's something I've always struggled with but now I have more of an idea of how to use it and create things within it. I want to progress my painting as taking my eyes and mind away from the screen is so damn appealing that I can treat it as an escape. Another interest I have, aside from Graphic Design as a general, is video/animation creation. I did a few projects at uni and I've been wanting to re-do them since.

My current agenda, aside from really giving myself a break from all expectations, is to rehash some old projects and see how much I've learned in the years since I graduated. I adore getting stuck into something I'm passionate about, but I've been unlucky enough to lose the spark that sets it all off. Itches I can't scratch, thoughts that have no conclusion. It's a horrible burden to want to create anything and everything and constantly falling flat. 

Aside from my creative ambitions, I like to read and do yoga. I've been away from these two for too long and I'm really starting to feel the painful absence of them from my life. 

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I've had a bit of a wobble this year, not knowing what I want to do but feeling constantly frustrated with where my life seemed to be heading. I'm hoping that with the new GESSO Community, I might be able to clear my head and find a direction. I have a lot of ambition, but little to no self belief. I'm hoping by setting some miniature goals I can start to feel like I am getting somewhere and not in a state of overwhelm 24/7. 

Talk to you guys later!

CK x


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