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My Plan for the Coming Year

My Plan for the Coming Year


Hello again, I promise to be more frequent with my posting now..

While I've been away I've made a big decision this past month or so. The decision to quit doing private freelance work and work solely on my own personal projects. I've done this because I have a very small amount of time during the working week to be able to work on my own thing and while I loved being able to work on jobs I was hired to do- I couldn't grow my portfolio to display the work I like and like creating.


I like to think I'm a passionate person, I have an itch I can't scratch at the moment all to do with design and creating the things I see in my head. I keep writing down my passing ideas which I hope will develop into proper sized projects. With these in mind, I'm hoping that I can figure out what kind of designer I want to be and then I can start looking for specific freelance work and hopefully a specific studio to work within!


This break I'm taking from private hired jobs will be until the end of December 2018, intending to return to freelance in January 2019. By the end of this 12-14 months or so I have a few things I want to tick off. So it isn't going to be a quiet stint by any means! On my list I have things such as personal development; for example I want to keep up with my yoga practice- I've noticed very small improvements and I believe it's helping to quieten my mind. On top of this I want to take more time to read, read self development books, read design books read fiction. I want to get back into reading as it is a great way to relax and also educate the mind. Exploring literature is something I believe everyone should do- it's great!


The other side to my list is obviously to do with design and making art. I have a few projects in mind I hope will push my current skill set and get me out of my comfort zone. Along side this I am hoping to build my website and host my online portfolio on there, finally bringing my blog and portfolio together in one place. Throughout this year I am hoping to work more on my blog, create more content and hopefully walk through these projects I'm planning for myself. I'm not going to share any other specifics, as I want this to be an organic year of working through my creative block and going with the flow of my life right now instead of going against it.

I hope to be posting again soon, potentially showing some more work! I still have my Lynda account so I will be including some learnings from there with you all. In the meantime, keep up with my posts on Instagram as I fully intend to post more on there as well :)


Thank you for reading my little post and my little plan! Also check out the #cbloggers anniversary blog week- I'm taking part! Any other creative bloggers out there please do share your posts, share your links and get in touch!


PS. Any bloggers or creative folk in Manchester who wouldn't mind a new friend, get in touch! I've had a tad of a lonely 8 months since living here, would be nice to meet new people and get in with the scene!

January- A Summary

January- A Summary

Whoops.. I'm still here!

Whoops.. I'm still here!