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The 100 Days Project!

The 100 Days Project!

100 Days Project - Day 1
100 Days Project - Day 1

As I promised myself; in 2017 I am finally going to do what I say I'll do and also get involved with the community. Let's go!

Last week I joined in with the


 Twitter chat which was all around the 100 day project. So for those unfamiliar with this, it is a self set project, maybe with a theme or continuous idea, and everyday for 100 days you produce something to go in the project.

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During the chat a few themes and ideas were discussed and what came up was lettering, pattern photography, paper flowers and even just producing something in general. I'm so excited to keep up with the people joining in on the challenge (are you? Tell me where I can follow you!) to see their progress and ideas and get to know them as a creative.

As with any project there should be a few personal goals such as learning this and that in order to build your professional tool box and so with this project the main things I'm hoping to get out of the next 100 days is the ability to consistently produce a body of work, being consistent in my presence online in order to build an audience as well as my confidence. It can be terribly intimidating putting your work out into the world; friends might jibe you not knowing you had such a different interests, internet trolls might put your work down just for the fun of it, people may not even pay any attention. All of which would make anyone feel rubbish. Another thing that I will be working on throughout this project is networking within the creative community and joining the conversations more. There are so many benefits by just saying hello in a conversation and saying what you think on the topic. If you do join in though, and have a controversial/criticism to make- try to be constructive about it.

What I love about these kinds of challenges is that the people joining in come from all walks of life sharing thought and creativity provoking topics and themes across the board. While they do this they offer an incredible aesthetic but also offer so much insight into their world and what they've learned etc so it could never harm you to join in! At the bottom of this post I'll link a few of the 2016 100 Day Projects to give everyone an idea of a theme or what the whole project can look like.

As for my personal 100 Days I am doing hand lettering (no surprise there) and the topics will most likely be facts about me, things I'm doing and a few birthday messages dotted here and there. I am absolutely in love with hand lettering, no matter how many times I mess up a piece I will start again and try to improve. I'm using this challenge to push myself and possibly experiment with layouts, materials, mediums etc - we will have to see!

In the chat we spoke about how to keep up with the project and not lose sight or momentum throughout the 100 days (it's a long time when you plan it on a calendar I found out..) so I suggested having a list of prompts to work with, possibly doing batch pieces if it's possible - who is likely to have no plans for 100 days really? - and also keeping up with others who are in on the challenge too. I find that with batch pieces you can still put out content even when you're out and about or unexpectedly ill and so on.

The header for this post is the first day of my 100 Day project, you can keep up with the rest of them as they're uploaded



Are you doing the 100 Day Project? What are you doing for it - share below!

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Speaking Up For Our Community

What am I working on?

What am I working on?