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I'm Excited again!

I'm Excited again!

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I've realised I'm getting excited about design again. By that I mean in the sense of I'm excited to


design again, I can't help but get excited about design when I see it

*Instagram addict here*

but I've been listening to some podcasts on my commute to work and the girls from

Design Life

  have been helping me get past my fear of failure and fear of not living up to expectations. (Thank you!)

I've been putting off doing design and art work because I didn't feel like I had the time or the skill to do just that. Logically I'm aware that skill doesn't develop overnight and I need to work at my craft for it to become my craft but for some reason I've just been too paralysed to start. I find myself getting pumped up for a project and then simply planning it but never actually starting it or even jotting an initial idea down. this had been going on for months and had me getting more stressed and bogged down. I want to break this cycle and start something- which I have done!

It was like a dam, once I spoke to a friend of mine about my block and how down it was getting me down I suddenly was able to draw things again and get ideas from head to paper. It was amazing, I can't thank him enough really. My next challenge is completing one project idea at a time and being patient about it.

Next step is that I'm setting myself little goals to get back into the swing of producing something on a regular basis. So I am going to try and make a header image for each post. And it can be anything from hand lettering with my brush pens or a sketch or a photograph or something I want to progress in. The idea is that I develop a couple of habits and skills simultaneously with the blog.

I love following new blogs so if you're a lettering/graphic design/design draft blogger please share your link below & let's be friends! (too cheesy?)

C ♥

(I know the images aren't the best right now, I'm working on getting my work space and lighting better as I develop)

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